Sure, I'll take an extra $1,000 in my pockets

At RedDoor, we do things a bit differently - we believe in the power of the human experience. Unlike other tech, we're not trying to replace the connection between an agent and home buyer - we are empowering that relationship.

So we pass all our savings along to the consumer, in an effort to give them the most transparent, cost-effective, and wonderful mortgage experience in the world.

And we decided the next step in that experience was to give $1,000 to help with closing costs to homeowners whose agent is on the HERO app (so they can enter the promo code).

That's why we are offering this promo to agents and home buyers.

There's no catch.

It's just our way of giving even more back to consumers when you use RedDoor for your mortgage services.

Remember, with RedDoor's home app, you already get...

  • The lowest rates in the industry and best loans from over 70 lenders (remember when we said we pass all our savings onto the consumer?)
  • A convenient, fast, and secure 60-second pre-approval process
  • An always available, non-commissioned loan officer who is there to provide the best customer service possible and guide them to the best options for THEM, not a greedy corporation.

If you're a home buyer and want to take advantage of this promo and have an extra $1,000 in your pocket (who wouldn't?), then send your agent this blog so they will know all the details. This link will allow them to download the app:

After they download, just make sure they invite you to their pipeline and boom, you're all set for whenever you close.


The Nitty Gritty Details

The $1000 promo will be paid out as a post close refund for costs incurred for the origination of the mortgage loan. Refund of costs must be allocated to specific costs incurred in the origination of the mortgage loan. If other credits are applied at closing from any other source (i.e. Seller Credit, Agent Credit, Lender Credit, etc.) that covers a portion of the costs the remainder not to exceed $1000 will be refunded post close. This could result in a refund of less than $1000. In the event that all of costs of the origination of the mortgage loan are covered by a seller/agent credit or lender credit, RedDoor will not be able to allocate funds specific to the origination process and therefore will not be able to reimburse expenses forfeiting the promotion. Eligible costs include: appraisal fee, appraisal rush fee, title fee, escrow fee, recording charges, notary fee and lender costs. All prepaid and impounded items (property taxes, hazard insurance, prepaid interest, etc.) are ineligible for reimbursement. Payment will be released to the borrower within 2 weeks of RedDoor receiving the funds from escrow for origination fee. Buyer must be contract prior to January 1st, 2021.

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